Gliding Through The Glades
Up, Up, Up And Away
Misty Blue
Woven To Capture
The Morning Mist
The Edge Of The Glades
Surrounded By The Morning Mist
Early Morning Ride
Misty Morning
Water, Water, Everywhere
A Bath Of Blue
In The Distance...
Alongside The Highway 98
A Layer Of Clouds
Dawning On The Pier
Econlockhatchee River
Antique Houseboat on the Econlockhatchee River
A Perfect Circle
Nature's Strength
 Surrounded By Lushness
Palms Floating Upon The Lake
Grande Oak Tree
Perfect Symmetry
A Home With Personality
Field Of Wild Sunflowers At Lake Jessup
Still Standing
Color Surprise Under The Commercial Pier
A Cypress Border
 Beautiful Day At Commercial Pier
Cypress Reflections
Glory Alongside The Highway
Alongside The Highway
Glow Under The Pier
Reflections On The Creek
Glow Upon The Dawning
A Tree Within A tree
And The Sun Gives Birth
Grand Opening To The Sea
Blue Heron
Boat-Tail Grackle
Dinner Time
Female Anhinga
Male Anhinga
Roseate Spoonbill In Flight
Roseate Spoonbill Landing
White Ibis
Burrowing Owls
Juvenile Moorhen
Tricolor Heron
Mature Blue Heron
Beautiful Blue Heron
Posing Limpkin
Everglades Barred Owl
Broad-Winged Hawk
Being One With The clouds
Waiting For A Bug
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