Kinkakuji Temple
Lanterns Will Light The Way
A Distant Temple
The Fox Stands Guard
A Dragon's Welcome
Grooming In The Park
Ancient Meets Modern
Manicured Shrine
Kiyomizutera Temple
Orange Glow
Parasols A Plenty
A Bird's Eye View
A Night On The Tokyo Town
Mini Venice In Osaka
Tokyo At Night
Reflections Of Osaka Street
From the Past To The Present
Osaka Styling
Peace From Japan
Grand Welcoming Lantern
Brightening Up The Day
Osaka Train Station
The Bullet Train
A Bird's Eye View Of Osaka
A Sidelong View From The Skytower
Kimono Sash
Revered In Nara
A Respite From The Frenetic Lifestyle
Rice Patties As Seen From The Bullet
A Frequent Sight
The Enormity Of The Skytower
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