Pricing Information for DebbieLynnPhotography

All sizes are in inches as specified. This is only a sample of sizing. Larger or smaller sizing is available.

8x10   $30.00, $40.00


11x14   $70.00, $80.00


16x20   $120.00, $140.00


12x18   $105.00, $120.00


16x24   $160.00, $180.00


20x30   $200.00, $220.00


30x45   $375.00, $425.00


Prices reflect the type of paper.  These are all done on archival paper.  The first price being luster or glossy, the second is matte.


These can also be printed on metal or acrylic, or canvas.  If you are interested in that particular medium, I will be happy to forward the information on to you.